We hope that by reading all the information on our website, including these FAQs, you will see a lot of good reasons for joining PD:Verified. Membership isn’t mandatory and is not legislative in any way, we are just passionate about wanting to share good practice and develop you as a unique professional to give learners the best learner journey possible. Download our User Guide to navigate through the Join form and the pages you will able to access once you are a member.

Why should I become a PD:Verified member?

To show to colleagues and prospective employers that you have met a standard and that you are following best practice by committing to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and adopting the PD:Verified Code of Conduct. Being a member of PD:Verified not only shows you really support your sector by striving for a high standard, but it provides you with many other benefits too, highlighted below.

What is the value?

The value we believe should be intrinsic. Whilst tangible benefits are important, we want the emphasis to be on being  part of a movement and a desire to grow and develop both personally and professionally.  Nobody should be coerced to join; we want you to join because you are proud of your achievements and want to be a part of a growing professional community.

What are the benefits?

  • Membership logo and certificate.
  • Free marketing and social media pack.
  • Public profile to showcase your qualifications, skills, and experience.
  • Optional ‘Contact me’ button to receive enquiries directly to your inbox.
  • Opportunity to receive job alerts.
  • Invitation to a professional forum.

How much is annual membership?

£30 (plus VAT) per annum, however training providers who partner with us will be able to offer their learners a discount or include this as part of their qualification fee.

Who will know I am a member?

We will be working with our stakeholders – employers, training providers, sector skills councils – to promote the PD:Verified website, which is open to anyone to use. Your membership logo and certificate can be displayed on your marketing and social media to show that you are part of our professional register.

How many members are on PD:Verified?

Everyone must start at Ground Zero and as a new register that is where we are as of today 2021! But with our service and your support the register will grow and become an invaluable asset for the education sector.

Will membership get me a job?

No, but it will certainly help! By being a part of a professional register where you have committed to developing your skills and abiding by a Code of Conduct, it might just land you that job. We will send out email job alerts that you will have access to and – who knows – if you are up against a candidate without professional membership, it might make all the difference!

How much CPD do I have to do each year to maintain my member status?

From your second year of membership, you must achieve at least 10 hours a year which equates to 10 CPD points (1 point per hour). We can help you with:

  • Access to two free continuing professional development (CPD) online modules on sign-up
  • Access to regular free online webinars with industry experts
  • Access to discounted online CPD modules.

What if I do not attain the CPD requirements?

You will be able to see the points you have achieved so far in your online Account page, and you will also be reminded when we send you your advance renewal notice if you haven’t yet achieved the full 10 CPP points. You will have time to gain additional CPD points from any training you undertake, or through our monthly webinars and endorsed training.

What is the code of conduct?

These are the principles that you as a professional will be asked to adopt as part of your membership commitment, which will help guide you and provide a reference point in times when you need to reflect on your professional role.

What if I breach the code of conduct?

You, your employer, and the law are responsible for your conduct.  PD:Verified is a membership organisation which checks you have attained a qualification in tutoring, assessing and/or quality assurance. We do not have a regulatory or legal obligation to pursue any member who is in breach of the Code of Conduct, which is provided as a guide to good practice and conduct.

Who runs PD:Verified?

PD:Verified is a trading name of PD:Approval. PD:Approval is an independent quality assurance organisation working with governing organisations, awarding organisation and training providers to ensure that this is the go-to when looking for qualified professionals in Adult Education. Furthermore, we accredit training providers all over the world including the UK as well as working with several international membership organisations, and shall be encouraging them to use this site for their faculty teams.